Veduz ApS projects:

  • Weekly Movement – get more organised, and connect with you friends
  • BibSpire – innovation in the danish public library sector. Recommender system for DDB-CMS, – and other stuff.
  • Consulting, development and problem solving – has recently built parts of openplatform and læsekompasset.
  • MyCrud (not ready yet) – a decentralised generic backend for advanced JavaScript web/app developement, installable on WordPress(the most ubiquitous web-platform). This makes it possible for developers release apps without needing to host a backend. And it gives user true ownership of their own data.
  • (not ready yet) – new version of website for spiritual fitness center in Copenhagen. Veduz is just setting up the tech infrastructure with off-the-shelf component, and minimal customisation, – and introducing them to make the content + layout themselves.
  • Data Science Workshop – introductory Python workshop with Jupyter Notebook, simple data analysis, held previously at University of Copenhagen, and Bibliotekarforbundet
  • WordPress Workshop – I will not make your websites. But I can teach you how to get started yourself.
  • Experimental prototypes with virtual reality (WebVR), peer to peer communication (WebRTC, IPFS), webassembly, video (browser MediaDevices), deep learning, …


Dialog with non-technical stake-holders  •  Focus is on actual delivered value  •  Development usually done in weekly sprints.

Technology is typically JavaScript (node.js and browser including React and more). Other technologies used depends on the project, examples are: Python, PHP, C/C++, Clojure, MariaDB, Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch, LevelDB, CouchDB…